Why i trade forex CFDs on Bityard.(traders recommendation

Having traded forex CFDs on many platforms for more than 6years now, i was fortunate enough to come across a post about Bityard trading platform (written by Ahanonukingsely) I decided to Google and navigate in and out of The Bityard platform.

I was so surprised to see Forex CFDs as one of the tradable assets in Bityrad(currently the world leading trading platform), I tried the demo version and it was so perfect, I later on had to deposit so as to commence Live trading. The proficiency and responsiveness of the Bityard trading interface was so amazing( The best I have seen so far).

I then realised that for over 6years now I have just been wasting both time and money on other trading platforms that are 100% profit oriented rather than customer satisfaction.

In this article I will discuss in detail why I choose to trade forex CFDs on Bityrad Currently the world leading trading platform.

I will start by explaining some terms;

What is Forex ?

Forex simply means FOReign EXchange.(ie buying and selling of currencies).

What is Forex CFD trading?2735aabf8904afcc4a5cd8d57cebf0a33e333b8b9ba1a2061aed71f44dbf52bf.png

This is a type of financial trading whereby traders are allowed to trade in any direction of the currency pairs (buying or selling) in other to make profit based on the settled price difference between their opening entry price and the closing price of the currency pair without actually holding the asset (Currency).

This type of trading is usually well leveraged so as to enable investors with low capital to be able to trade and make profit.
Just like cryptocurrencies, forex trading also have trading charts and also fundamental and technical analysis also play out well in forex trading.

Forex CFD trading is the latest innovation on the Bityard trading platform, although new, Bityard has already added more than 7 tradable currency pairs to their platform.

Why I now trade Forex CFDs fully on Bityard;abec71393c088c1cc586e1eefca0305f30213a8e39fdd9c9a11c282874c197dc.png

While I was trading on other forex trading platforms, I lost so more money than I could I remember, this was majorly because, most of these trading platforms are profit oriented and they careless about their traders well-being.

The following are some of the major problens i experienced while trading on these platforms.
- Poor Trading interface;
- Lack of regulation
-Delay in trade execution/ Lagging website.
- Large Spread
- No liquidation warning
- few number of tradable pairs (less than 5).
- Unrealistic leverage
-poor customer service.

Bityard trading platform currently the world leading trading platform has in one way or another solved all these problems I encountered while trading on other platforms.
Features that makes Forex CFD trading on Bityard outstanding


Bityard uses the best trading interface and charts available in the market. This gave me an edge over other traders as I can vividly read and interpret trading charts without stress.
The trading interface and web display on Bityard makes it possible for both Novice and expert traders to easily navigate through the site.
Personally, i rate Bityard. 5/5 when it comes to their trading interface.


Bityard is highly regulated and compliant to international laws, Bityard remains one of the trading platforms allowed to fully function in The United States of America.
When compared to most forex trading platform, the trading activities on Bityrad is very transparent without any hidden information.


One of the qualities of Bityard trading platform is the ability of the platform to fill-in trader's orders (Buy or Sell) at the best available market price instantly without any delay, spot/contract traders will definitely understand what it means to put an order just to find out later that the order price have been significantly changed due to delay from the broker.
One doesn't even need any sophisticated gadget because the Bityard platform is already optimized to enable instant trade execution.


Spread simply means the difference between the bid and the ask price of a currency pairs.
Literally with speard traders are more at loss because even though the the price of the currency pair surpasses their entry, they will still be in loss until the bid price follow suit.
Now in Bityard there is only one entry and once price passes above a trader's entry price, There are already in profit.

TRADABLE CURRENCY PAIRS617dae3299881900a8f365cdf24a82b5948bcacc0b70a0712c93d8d1f7c61b46.png

Bityard offers intresting varieties of Forex trading options for its users, as of now, they are more than 7 tradable currency pairs available for trading on bityard, with many more still set to be added before end of 2021..

LIQUIDATION WARNINGce9ee6f4ea701d0ec3f61e8f9212f43d65fd1fca5994b9998fa5bee27f6ad339.png

The fact still remains that we tend to make loss sometimes in any form of trading be it forex, stock or even cryptocurrency trading.
Most of the trading platforms out there never notify their traders of any possible risk of liquidation, some do so after the trader's account has been liquidated.
This is not the case in Bityard, traders are informed prior to their liquidation price and as such the trader will have time to either add fund or close some positions.

TRADING CHART;a7edf4ed68c7eaaff6dd43c0da54db08e7812da260a20ca28ef4a61fe8f3f462.jpg

Bityard integrated into their trading system the Best trading chart analysis app (Trade view) thereby giving traders the best trading experience ever, traders can now fully analyze the market by making use of the various trading indicators on Bityard.

FAST RELIABLE CUSTOMER SUPPORT;a39f33400379ea41f50c5d101102d9f21dea562ecc8b8f43eb92223d019f570e.jpg

Making enquires about latest development on Bityard is as simple as ABC, all thanks to their fast responding 24/7 customer support system.
The Bityard customer support services is always available to clear traders of the various difficulties they might have encountered while trading.
Our rating for the Bityard customer service is 4.8/5.

One of the trading advantages traders get by trading on Bityard is the low trading fee, Bityard is among the few trading platforms that offers a very low trading trading fee of 0.05%
Majority of forex trading platforms charge a very high trading commission.
NB;Apart from Forex CFDs. Bityard trading platform also offers cryptocurrency/ Derivative contract trading, spot Exchange and copy trading.

Conclusion; Bityrad is currently the world leading trading platform that offers contract trading, spot Exchange and copy on both cryptocurrency/Forex CFDs/ Derivatives.
Bityard is highly regulated and compliant to international laws.
The trading interface on Bityard is of high quality.
In my 6yrs of trading Forex CFDs, trading has never been so lucrative all thanks to Bityard.


The Personal testimony of a trader.

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