IceCreamSwap DeFi Trivia Challenge #Airdrop

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Are you a DeFi enthusiast and how familiar are you with the different DeFi applications?

We are thrilled to announce “The IceCreamSwap weekly DeFi challenge” will be live this Friday 16th September, 2023, on the IceCreamSwap official telegram group chat at 2:00pm UTC.


The DeFi Trivia is one of the fun filled community activities organized by IceCreamSwap as a means of educating its users about DeFi and DeFi related activities while encouraging community participation and integration. This is currently the 2nd episode of the weekly DeFi Trivia.

Note: The IceCreamSwap trivia is a fun and educational way to learn more about IceCreamSwap and DeFi in general. It is open to everyone, and there are prizes for the top three winners.

Here are the key things you need to know about the IceCreamSwap weekly DeFi trivia:

  • Organized by: IceCreamSwap Team (@Divasq)
  • Time: Every Friday at 1:30pm UTC
  • Participants Entry: Open to everyone
  • Platform: Telegram
  • Topics: Trivia questions will cover a wide range of topics related to IceCreamSwap, the various chains we support like CoreDAO or Telos, etc., and general activities on DeFi.
  • Winners: At the end of each trivia session, 3 users with the highest points will be selected as winners.
  • Prize distribution:
  • $50 ICE for the first highest winning participant.
  • $30 ICE for the second highest winning participant.
  • $20 ICE for the third highest winning participant.
  • Distribution time: Prizes will be distributed within 24 hours.
  • KYC: Rewards are distributed to KYCed wallets, so users are required to undergo the KYC verification protocol.

Here is the Participation Guidelines:

➔ To join the fun, simply be present on our Telegram [at 2:00PM UTC]

➔ We’ll post questions, and you can submit your answers directly in the main TG.

➔ Winners will be recognized based on [The first correct answers with the highest winning points

Here are some additional tips for winning the trivia challenge:

The more you know about DeFi, the better your chances of winning. So start studying today!

In conclusion, as we gear up for the next IceCreamSwap DeFi weekly trivia, one surefire way to become a winner is to be fully engaged in our community. Stay up-to-date on our regular daily and weekly updates, and head over to our official medium page to read some of our latest articles and our wiki page to learn more about us.


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