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By Cryptagende Verse | Cryptagende | 19 Apr 2022

Canada, Apr 11th, 2022 — Cryptagende Verse, an innovative decentralized gaming startup, hosted its very first public AMA with Kenzo Ventures’s community of approximately 55k members on Telegram last friday at UTC 2pm. Karina D. Hamilton, the company’s CMO was the speaker for this event and represented the company in responding to questions collected via Twitter and Kenzo’s community members. The session addresses inquiries related to Cryptagende Verse’s mission and vision, development progress, team structure and game economics.

Segment 1 questions

Q1. Can you explain what Cryptagende Verse is?

In a nutshell — Cryptagende Verse is an extension of MMO video games. We fuse the concept of global player bases, an endless stream of online content, and polished game design with the decentralized Blockchain system. In another words, we are creating a fusion of triple A and NFT into one gaming experience in metaverse

Our game is divided into three stages,

1. First stage is a fully polished Triple-A online game with classic modes of deathmatch and 5V5 competitive mode.

2. The second stage comprises a large-scale Battle Royale mode and well-established co-op experiences with survival and challenge modes.

3. And then the final stage is where we deliver a complete Metaverse experience with the open-source possibilities of our Unreal Engine 5,

we intend to bring you the most detailed and visually dazzling MMO experience to date!

Q2. Can you tell the members a little about Cryptagende Verse?

There are roughly 30 members on our team. Starting from Marcus Allison, Mr Aliison the CEO and the founder of the project. He spent the majority of his career in the gaming industry, He definitely is one brilliant mind when it comes to developing triple-A shooter experiences. He was at the helm of massive projects like Far Cry 3 and Rainbow Six. Along the way, he met some really talented developers such as Andrew Davis, Arthur Thomas and John Clark who serve as our Chief blockchain & game developers engineers respectively — all of them have gathered a decade worth of experience in the GameFi field. Then I guess, I’d share a little bit about myself, I previously worked at a global crypto-mining enterprise, where I basically manage the day-to-day PR strategies and execution, I also help support the some of the IR works that the company is doing and some other collaboration on blockchain technology research institutes with local universities. That basically sums up. As for the rest of the team, we have production, operation and administrative, if you’re interested you can check them out on our website.

Q2. Can you tell us about the experience of your development team?

We currently have about 20 developers, all of which are either Ex-Ubisoft and Ex-Cosmos developers or have hands-on experience in the development of a GameFi project. Our team also comprise of experts both in game design where they’ve participated in projects like (Far Cry, Rainbow Six) and Blockchain networks like (Cosmos: Internet of Blockchains), all their experience can be verified on their Github profiles, which can be located on our official website as well

Q4. What is the vision and mission of your project in the future?

That’s a very good question

Our vision: Create a fun and sustainable trade environment that completely mirrors the real world — BUT removes all the factors that exist in the real world, preventing people from getting reward for their talent.

You know — A world that is not bound by one’s geographic location, but simply by the mere talent of creativity and boldness to dream beyond, IN THIS NEW WORLD of our verse mode — players can have the freedom express their own identity using the toolbox we offer at their fingertips ( Which will be rolled out in stage 3 of our game)

As for our Mission:

- Eradicate misconception and skepticism towards blockchain with the hopes that we’d be able bring the world of metaverse closer to ordinary people

- With the growing trend of remote workers, especially in today’s day of age, given the current technology, we believe this new world of Cryptagende is here to level the playing field for everyone, such that anyone from anywhere can stand a fair chance to get compensated fairly through the crafting of in-game assets while reaping real world benefits.

Q5. Which stage are you currently in?

We are moving rapidly towards the first stage of our three-stage plan. Currently in our beta phase, we are on schedule in delivering early access in Q2. In preparation for that, we are also releasing one of our avatar models in a couple of days. Some inspiration behind this work and there’d subsequent Videos Contents is to follow to help our audience understand our project better. Then the classic multiplayer modes will be available as soon as Q3 2022, and subsequent phases will release in the next two quarters. Layer2 chain is also in its early development phase, estimated to launch in Q1 2023 with full functionality.

Segment 2 questions

Q1. Many games nowadays charge a high fee to start the game & therefore start with a small player base. Does #CryptagendeGame has an entry fee or initial requirement & if so, what is it? Do I need to hold NFT or hold some tokens to enjoy & play #CryptagendeGame [email protected]_Bhr

Okay, so the short answer is yes.You do need to purchase a NFT pass to enter the game. But here’s the thing as you can see the fee to join most P2E the game becomes higher and higher, and this is because that is the only way the game developers can ensure prices stay afloat such that initial players who joined the game have incentives to stay hopeful to gain from the price hype.

However, unlike P2E games, we believe that a healthy in-game economy should not survive on hypes alone, because they die after a while. At Cryptagende, the basis of getting more players to join is by providing a super fun game loop.

we will not artificially increase the bar to enter our game. In fact, the only reason we’d set a NFT pass to join the game is to prevent users from exploiting our game environment.

As a matter of fact, it is highly likely that we’d lower the price of our NFT pass in the future when we’ve established a mature player base that has the infrastructure to protect and guide the economy.

Q2. Revenue is an important aspect for all projects to survive and maintain the project/company. How have you been able to build a complete project and what is the way to generate profit/revenue of the token? What is the income model? @Usamazubair @MdMilon37472668

This is a very good question. Our income is very diverse. It can consist of the NFT pass that players buy to enter the game, any in-game chests sales, league operating income,

in-game Ad will also likely become a big segment of our revenue, basically in-game props, skins, costumes will generate revenue for us.

Q3. @CryptagendeGame is NFT gaming. Since the majority of NFTs end up with little or no value,it is difficult to survive liquidity because people do not regularly trade them in pairs, so it is difficult to liquidate NFTs. Can you tell how you planned to solve this big problem? @PrinceH23390084

I understand the kind of NFTs you are talking about, their value deteriorates until they become completely worthless. If you take some time to learn about us, you will see our efforts, including our decision to use of stablecoins as the transaction currencies for all our tradeable in-games assets

Which essentially, better protects the value of NFTs itself and prevents our native CRYA tokens from artificial short-lasting price hypes.

If you study our tokenomics, you’d also notice it is a very well-thought-out allocation scheme. The advisors we’ve employed to build our tokenomics all have very niche experience in ensuring how to strike a balance between the total amount and amount of circulating supply.

Q4. The utility of the token is one of the factors that evaluate the “Credibility and Potential” of the project. So what are the utilities and roles in the ecosystem? What mechanism will you deploy to keep the token value unaffected by the market condition? @MdMilon37472668

Our CRYA token will not partake in any in-game utility, we’ve spoken about this previously because we want to completely avoid any harmful tactics to control the game-economy. It serves as a sole purpose to vote in our DAO community, all CRYA holders will directed make key decisions on the game’s future progress, development, partnerships and so on and so forth, Basically, the game development team will gradually shift the decision-making power to the results generated by the DAO through voting. In other words, Cryptagende will become a game that is governed by our dead heart players. I say that is the strongest governance system.

In regards to what mechanism will we employ to protect our token value.

Take a look at our token omics and you’d see more than half of the CRYA tokens are held in the hands of Long-term construction and strategic Backers. These are people who believe in the project’s vision and are willing to wait out on the time horizon for our game to mature. Our construction team are people that have been with us since day one and have all the good intentions to see the project spurs, people who believe in us and would continue to create, innovate with the aim to sustain game’s longevity, and it is highly likely that these token holders would hold on to their share.

Now we talk about other token holders, since we made it clear from day one that — there will be no in-game utility, we are immediately turning down the interest of people that is here short term and is waiting to cash out , Without this intentions, and without any harmful manipulation of token price from the developer’s team, our token price will be on route of a gradual rise.

Q5. The number of DeFi projects are growing steadily, and many are quite similar to each other. At some point many will fail and few will survive. What distinctive solution do you offer that can’t be found in other projects which will make you survive both in the short and long term? @MdMilon37472668

Here’s the thing, we know that there are thousands of companies everyday trying to ride this global wave of GameFi.

In their pursuit of user acquisition, as mentioned earlier, most of the startups rely on perpetual user growth, superficial hypes on their tokens and other not-so-natural practices to drive up the volume and price.

These practices are raising questions and many industry experts conclude that this strategy is bound to fail at some point.

Because of this, Most of the projects that you see today will not exist in a couple of years. And if you ask me why. The answer is very simple

We are choosing to take on a long view to build a first of its kind economic model that provides naturally growing value that exists in the game itself. Like every other super fun online game, we’ve seen. The power of it is that it turns our players into a community that shares a common passion and bond. If handled properly, Cryptagende has a chance to become something more than just a time-killer.

And speaking of short term survival. We’ve all witnessed the DotCom bubble. And I think the key lesson from it is that — the only projects to survive the collapse will be the ones that were not dependent on the hype in the first place.

And if everything else fails in the industry, we will still have a damn good online MMO in our hands. And damn-good online MMOs have always generated tons of ownership interest.

Then let’s bring back to the cornerstone, if Cryptagende delivers our promise of a fun gaming experience. The popularity will rise without a doubt.

Segment 3 questions

Q1. Talking about your game mode, can you tell us which one stands out to be your favorite among them all? What variety of specialty do they hold for its audience that are willing to join and play to earn, will players be able to discover new hidden features themselves as they go on in the game play? (Martin Tosh)

So it’s kind of hard for me to choose because throughout all three stages of our games. each of them has its peaks and highlights. What I like about the first stage is that you have the ability to earn very rare ingame chests that you have completely no idea of what it is composed of. So it’s like a surprise box and it’s filled with surprise factors.

As for the second stage, I like the feature that we can team up with our besties and take on some really difficult and challenging tasks like boss battles and defeating waves of AI components, which I find pretty intriguing, challenging and exciting, not to mention our final stage, which I believe would be the biggest highlight of our entire game. Essentially, turning this into a fully fledged virtual world with unlimited freedom for players to create any in-game assets made everything possible with the open source capabilities of unreal engine 5. If you have no idea what it is, I strongly encourage you to Google it and take a look at what the library of resources UE five holds for you. And what’s really exciting about our Verse mode is that you really have the ability to choose the role you want to play in this economy. For example, if you want to build a school and you lack the architecture knowledge or the designing skills and ability to do so. You can essentially send out a contract within the game, employing players to do so. In other words, we are for the first time creating a demand within the game, which was never seen before in any of the play to earn models that you are familiar with on the market. And what is really exciting about our Verse mode is that we envision many future uses in all cases such as training, stimulations, education and product demonstrations. You’re building something in the Metaverse that completely mirrors the real world.

Q2. Many projects promise magic but never publish any work product or prove any income in the short / long period of release. If not, can you tell us what makes it different from other projects? Highlight those issues. (Melly)

You are right to say that a lot of the projects in the GameFi space over promises and underdelivers.This is why we encourage you to join our discord to monitor our growth and watch as we progress to fulfill all the promises that we have made in this AMA session and monitor as closely according to our road map. And you will see that we will check all those boxes as time progresses.

Q3. Usually, NFT games favor those who have upgraded, leveled and purchased large amounts of in-game items leaving those new players behind. How would #CryptagendeGame promotes fairness and equality to its players?

Do the skills of the players matter more than the character… (@MAttin_bhr)

Community building is a big part of what we aim to do here. And what I mean by community building is that we are actually very selective on who we choose to collaborate with, who we choose as our brand ambassadors. Characters matter most. And integrity matters a lot in our community and in our players’ ethics. And in support of that we have actually changed our whitelist into proof of work VIP to actually engage people. They are here to get involved in the actual development or growth throughout each and every phase of the project. In fact, we want to ensure that all their work is accounted for and their contributions are recognized.

Q4. Games come and go. Players move to new games when they get tired of the old ones. What’s your plan to keep players in #CryptagendeGame (TommY)

Here’s the thing. Games come and go because they’re not here for the right reasons. There are too many projects within GameFi space using artificial and manipulative practices to hype up the token price and to control the in-game economy. And they are creating a game that honestly, it really is boring to play. The only reason players stay is to compete in the endless rounds, to hopefully monetize the “so called” fun, however, it is not done in a fun and correct manner.

Here. Cryptagende, the very basis of what we’re doing here is that everything is built on a fun game experience, a fun game loop. If this doesn’t get people to stay, I don’t know what gets people to stay, especially in the gaming world.

Q5. What new products can we expect from future projects? Can you share future updates of the project with us? (Alex Candra)

We are in the middle of some potential collaboration efforts, to come up with, for example, virtual reality helmets. But that exact plan and progress will be determined by our DAO community. As for any upcoming updates, our whitelisting events will be launched in May, which is next month. We encourage everybody here to connect to our discord channel or on telegram channel to tune in for more updates to come.

About Cryptagende Verse

Cryptagende Verse is a Canada-based startup, led by former Ubisoft game developers, that introduces a brand-new economic model for the Metaverse Gaming Industry. The triple-A MMO shooter fuses the classic online shooter modes with a new web 3.0 wave of player-created content to deliver the first Triple-A online experience with a fully functioning, Blockchain based trading system. The Cryptagende Verse is being built on the Ethereum Network, with fully supported trading capabilities across all NFT marketplaces.

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Email: [email protected]





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Cryptagende Verse
Cryptagende Verse

Cryptagende Verse is a Canada-based startup, led by former Ubisoft game developers, that introduces a brand-new economic model for the Metaverse Gaming Industry.


Cryptagende is a metaverse NFZ game powered by Unreal Engine 5. Cryptagende Verse invites you to take a journey into the future. With a perfect fusion of old and new, our MMO shooter includes a diverse selection of multiplayer modes - Team Deathmatch, 5V5 Competition, Battle Royale, Survival, and Challenge. And, Introducing a new open-world playground with limitless possibilities of player-creation, called the Verse.

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