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The Crooks Of Wall Street And Crypto

By fmonkeyrock | CRYPT0 TALK | 10 May 2022

Cryptocurrency  was supposed to be for the average Joe, to give him a fighting chance on becoming  financially Independent . Instead the banks and institutions manipulate the Crypto  market too, also called Big Wales. 

The boys of Wall Street seen an opportunity to partner with greedy blockchain creators to take wealth from the retail investors. Remember the fraud that was Squid Game Token? thousand of scams with a white papers attached to it, end up losing your money because of celebrities they pay up to promote it. Funded by no other than institutions and gagster from wall street Robbery Institute .

The blame is not all on the greedy and manipulator. All the blame goes on us for being so nice. When they create a crime that can ruin your life or actually ruin your life, they get no punishment by the law, only a slap on the risk and a payment to their favourite charity . This criminals use the charity for tax purposes anyways. No Laws to prosecute the criminals, but only laws to lock up the average Joe for good.

A society the rewards criminals is a society that is breaking . I see the unfair treatment of blockchain companies like Odysee and Ripple playing by the book and still getting shut down by the SEC.  This two companies  can break monopolies such as YouTube and Swift, and help the common person, so I wonder why is The government  trying to close them down? I can go on all day with similar cases, but my ranting is all about The Wall Street boys and their manipulation of the markets.


They buy and dump and they repeat as much as they want until they destroy the company and you. 


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