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By fmonkeyrock | CRYPT0 TALK | 11 May 2022

Again another crypto fails.  A 95% drop and people are questioning if is over? My last article was about the Wall Street crooks coming into the Crypto Markets. We se institutions like Black Rock taking part of the destruction of Luna and many other projects.

The Luna believers must be pulling their hair, and I don’t blame them. Imagine the average Joe that lost everything; specially a lost when the economy is at its worse in history. Many moving parts to destroy Luna : Government , institutions , banks and media. You should be a bit more cautious and pick projects that are for the people; projects that will do good for humanity.

Market manipulation at its best. Crashing the market to buy back at a discount  is the job of vanguard, Citadel, black Rock and Grayscale. This was all a set up for governments to start their regulations on crypto.

 light at the end of the Tunnel? I think it will get worse and only a few projects will survive. Prepare for a more centralized economy, already (WEF) World Economic Forum  is already making recommendations to governments. Luna is out of the top 40 coins in ranking. To make things more of f--k situation, Coinbase is having trouble . If Coinbase goes bankrupt all your Terra Luna will be gone and nothing you can do about it.


Are you staying or waiting for the Moon/Luna.

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