By fmonkeyrock | CRYPT0 TALK | 10 Apr 2022

Gab is the social media that prides itself as the only free speech platform. I received no warning when my account was terminated, and there is no way to contact customer service. Try looking for a contact link or something, let me save you the time and tell you that is non-existent. Gab is the social media libertarians and conservatives flock to, such as me. I’m confuse as to why my account has been deleted.


A member at gab since 2017 when it just got released to the public. I only post news articles from the right-wing media, since most of my followers are right-wing voters. My posts are divided into news and crypto information, at that time it was the only place you can talk about bitcoin without getting into a big argument.  My followers where mostly Christians and great supporters of me not having any religious faith. The founder.  Andrew Torba was a bit Different; he pushed his faith every day and I had no problem with him exercising his right.


My point is why can’t Gab have a customer support or community leader to respond to any questions or technical difficulties user of the platform have. I had a lot of photos and memories I wished I can get back or given a chance to back it up, other social media platforms allow you to do this, such as YouTube and Facebook.  If I made a mistake, the solution was to give me a warning to correct myself.


Many alternative social media platforms promise free speech, but they are no different than the old corporate social media they critic. Gab claims they don’t get funding from advertising, only from merchandising, members plan that you can pay with Bitcoin, and donations. I have never donated because there is no way to donate from my bank account, visa, or PayPal. The only way is to send them a check to an address in the USA and Bitcoin. Two things I don’t feel safe doing. To be fair is not their fault they have to do it this way, the government, visa, Mastercard, PayPal and the banks have cut them off completely.


I really enjoyed using Gab and think I would have been ready to give back to them by finally donating, regardless of their slow loading time. I think what makes a platform work is the community, not the gate keepers. Gab locked me out without any reason, and I lost my access to a great community.


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