Do your own research before buying BTC or Ethereum or another Alt Coin

DYOR - Do Your Own Research

By Nik3l | #Crypt0# | 20 Feb 2021

Welcome to the Crypto World !

As a newbie like each people falling into crypto the first time, you are searching for informations on how to invest your money ! That's the main thing and every crypto users is doing the same at a different level.

First of all, you need to know that a digital currency is volatile, and i think it's the worst time for a new crypto adopter to enter this world mainly because nearly all assets are bullish ( their value is going up quickly). You invest some money and with some magical trick, your money is growing, sometimes very very fast !!!
- You need to understand that one day, or tomorrow, or in a few minutes, your bag is going to loose value, maybe slowly, maybe like a dip.

- Invest only the money you allow yourself to loose, don't be a fool, the earlier you put that in your mind, the richer you gonna be ! It's easy to loose your money (bad platform, bad crypto, you can loose your private key...).

- Trust no one, and before investing, try to search informations about the crypto you're putting money into, there is a lot of ways to inform yourself on a crypto (sites, twitter, telegram, youtube).

- Choose carefully your first crypto platform, some are not very easy to use for a beginner ! Look for the hidden fees when buying, selling or converting cryptos. The cards are not available in every country, and some options maybe not available. 

- Try to determine where you want to go : Just buying crypto ? Buying crypto to earn more on a daily basis or weekly ? Holding till it goes to the moon (or Mars) ? Keep in mind that the money you loose is going to someone else or vice-versa, and that a trader is more likely to loose money, especially a beginner, and you don't want to, do you ?

- Begin to learn the crypto language : You need to learn the basis, blockchain, bullish, bearish, impermanent loss, fees, private key, public key, the concept of wallet etc.

- Choose a wallet compatible with the company you are creating an account with to have all options available ! For example : -> wallet DeFi Wallet
Coinbase -> Wallet Coinbase
Binance -> Trust Wallet ...

By the way, you can connect a wallet with multiple companies, but you will see that later !

GOOD LUCK, i hope one of these advices will allow you to avoid some traps !

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