Kid next to me ran away from home... brought him out for dinner and beat the sense back into him

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By Crypt-observer | crypt-observer | 10 Jun 2021

And so it begins

My favorite job was at a private high school for dysfunctional kids who couldn't get into regular public school. Interestingly enough, in most parts of the world, going to a private school meant having a prestigious and enriching education. Here in Vietnam... the opposite is true ( for now I guess) 

I myself being dysfunctional (due to coming from a broken family) found myself inspiring my students that their current circumstances don't determine your future. The story is always the same. I walk into a class and I exude a charismatic and commanding command. Students are enchanted by my visage and are taken aback by the words (or truth) that comes out of my mouth. 

TRIGGER WARNING: Unfamiliar cultural context may cause offense to some who aren't familiar with the Vietnamese educational system

' Comb your hair! you look like hobo or the blonde backstreet boy!' 

' Why's your skirt pulled so high up? your legs aren't that long!'

Student walks by and doesn't greet me... I yell out ' Good afternoon student!'....student is startled and greets back softly.... I yell out again, ' Did you just have lunch" is your mouth so full of rice that you couldn't greet me?'

Student wears bright red lipstick... 'Oh my god! are you ok? Why are your lips bleeding?'

Boys fight... I yell out, 'You keep fighting...go ahead.. after this I'm gonna make the 2 of you hug each other during school assembly tomorrow morning'... Fight stops.

I wasn't a typical teacher, but I was a really good one. 



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Just writing my observations


The Crypt-observer (How did this all begin) COVID... That's what kicked everything off.... In 2019 I was working for a hotel management company in Vietnam. The job was great but the world came to a halt when Covid-19 became a world-wide pandemic. The tourism industry was the first to be hit with crippling restrictions, quarantine and the overall fear of mass gatherings. Then the crypto-observer was conceived.

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