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By Crypt-observer | crypt-observer | 10 Jun 2021

Life before the conception

Being a middle school science teacher for over 18 years really stifles one's desire to lead a dynamic and adventurous life. Day after day, week after week, month after month, everything was so routine. Waking up at 6.00am, getting to school by 7.30am, lunch at 11.30am, leave for home at 4.30pm, dinner at 7.30pm, lesson preparation at 8.30pm, going to bed at 11pm. Summer camp instead of Summer vacation, holidays are meant for sleeping in. Absolutely no challenge (well a school's social environment can get overwhelming for children, but being a teacher for such a long's manageable) 

I love teaching and most aspects (hate writing lesson plans though) of being an educator. I love listening to my kids when they discover something new, I love talking to them about what they did over the weekend, I love talking with parents about challenges they face at home with their teenage kid but....after 18 years.....things get mundane.....except for the occasional life and career changing event


Teacher's day in Hanoi, Vietnam

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Just writing my observations


The Crypt-observer (How did this all begin) COVID... That's what kicked everything off.... In 2019 I was working for a hotel management company in Vietnam. The job was great but the world came to a halt when Covid-19 became a world-wide pandemic. The tourism industry was the first to be hit with crippling restrictions, quarantine and the overall fear of mass gatherings. Then the crypto-observer was conceived.

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