‘’Oath of Peak ; P2E game to play’’

By Crypto_Brain | Cryin | 22 Mar 2023

Hi all.
If you're a P2E lover, then check out Oath of Peak.
This game is based on the Polygon blockchain, which is currently in the Beta stage.

Oath of peak
The game and its gameplay is made very bright and high quality, which indicates that the project has been given a lot of time and effort on the part of the developers.
This is a free to play MMORPG game in oriental style with a huge open world, to immerse yourself in this magical world, you just need to install the game on your gadget.
I highly recommend for those who like pumping characters with the opportunity to have a pet that will accompany you in all of your multiple adventures.
This game is made to be played and is exactly what most P2E projects lack.

The gameplay is intuitive, which will help you a lot in destroying a variety of monsters and dragons.
Explore and enjoy.

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