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I want to earn but I don't want to pay.

By Crypto_Brain | Cryin | 18 Mar 2023


And so hello everyone.

Thank you in advance for your attention to my article.

Play and earn is my favorite topic for reflection, search and study. And I am convinced that in the next bull market, the p2e direction will lure a very significant share both in the information field and in the number of tokens with good x from p2e projects. At the moment, most high-quality projects require investments, both at the initial stage and the game as well as in the process. And this is logical because in order for you to pay money you need to take money somewhere, but this model significantly affects the number of users. Many they don’t want to invest in the game, but they really don’t mind making money by playing or performing certain actions in the game. And the one who manages to push off from this derivative model and create a project in which people can earn real money without investing anything will receive a huge army of users of their platform .Of course, its viability will depend on the ability to earn for payments to its users.fc1b329fd6e3c0db04b58d4459b7b640ce008187ba669fa17712f17d5c045d4d.png

And here is a good example of such a model (Important: does not require any investments). Here you hire an army that fights different monsters 24/7, you only need to visit the site occasionally to replenish the ranks of your army. But with this manner of use, your income and, accordingly, the size of the army will be very small, and for those who want to develop faster, there are additional tasks for earning. I suggest you check it out on 


And of course, the leader and platform that has earned its trust is (Important; does not require any investments). I play myself and I recommend you a lot of videos on YouTube where people have achieved good results on this platform. The project has its own $RLT token, the essence of the project is to build your own mining farm, the development of which directly depends on your time spent on the site playing various mini games, there is also a wall of tasks for the completion of which they pay $RLT, which can be spent on developing your mining farm (but who knows, maybe in the future we will see news about the listing of $RLT). But you can mine $BNB, $Matik, $TRX and a few other cryptocurrencies. I also recommend that you read more on the website. The business model of these projects in the p2e model without investments looks viable.


Another project that is really like I with Sunflower (important; at the initial stage it requires investments of $ 5) This is a worthy representative of the play and earn sphere, the project has its own $SFL token, NFT of this game is sold on Opensea. To play, you need a minimum of $10 dollars. This is a game on the Polygon blockchain. For actions in it, you will be charged for gas. You can find more details on the game website or in my previous article about this game. Literally today I went to another Benji Bananas project (important; does not require any investments), but about it and other projects in the P2E sphere in my following articles.

With love for crypto.

Thank you for your attention.


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I love sports, cryptocurrency and a positive attitude. Working in agriculture in my daily life, I got very interested in profitable cryptocurrency farming. I believe that #DEFI projects for #BTC are the prospect of decentralised banking.


Why hide I am looking for financial independence from hired work in everyday life. I am firmly convinced that in the world of cryptocurrencies this is completely real.

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