Crowdholding Update for June and July
Crowdholding Update for June and July

By pheonixdown-dee | Crowdholding | 9 Aug 2019



Greetings Crowdholders, 


Sorry for the late release! It's been two months since our last update, so we will be combining June and July in this update. So without further ado, lets get started. 


What you will find in this update is: 


  • Crowdholding's platform growth for June and July
  • Partnership announcement
  • YUP dividend results so far
  • Development update


Crowdholding Growth 

So here is the breakdown and stats for June and July:


  • 2,900 new users signed up to Crowdholding, which is an average of 48 new users a day.
  • 53 new tasks were published on the platform 
  • 13 new projects joined the platform


The growth stats are higher than previous months. In addition, our Alexia ranking is on the rise as shown on the screenshot below. We are currently at our all time highest ranking, excluding the times during the ICO. 




Also during this time period, we had 2 important article mentions / press release articles that have boosted the awareness of our platform, you can click below to read the articles.



Partnership Announcement 

The big news is the partnership with æternity Ventures, the investment arm of æternity blockchain, to support their Starfleet Accelerator Program. We have already launched two AE tasks on our platform (where you have been able to earn their token) and we have been collaborating with their invested Aepp CryptoTask - Freelance application, which has put out 3 tasks. It's also nice to see both Crowdholding's and æternity's communities interacting and we are excited to see the future collaborations. 


We also want to give a shoutout to the top five winners of AE introduction task who just didn't earn AE and YUP tokens, but also they will be receiving a AE branded Ledger Nano S for showcasing their ideas. You can click on their names below and read some fascinating input from their comments. 


1. Emmanuel Joseph 

2. Marco Walz 

3. Thomas Hofer 

4. Randy Tice

5. Justin Kat


Dividend Stats

Crowdholding initiated the dividend system back in May of this year where we announced that we will be giving out dividends to YUP token holders every month, we are happy to showcase the current results from the last 3 months. 

As a reminder, Crowdholding takes a 10% cut of any transaction on the platform, half of that cut is to be redistributed back to our users. Below you can see how it works.


Total Dividends = 50% of cut

Total partipants = YUP holders and leaderboard users 

1 Unt = Total dividend / Total weighted participants 

Projections based on current token holders:

[15%] Tier 1 Group - Top 20 on the Leaderboard: 0.25 Unit 

[6%] Tier 2 Group - 50,000 YUPs: 0.25 Unit

[18%] Tier 3 Group - 250,000 YUPs: 1 Unit 

[60%] Tier 4 Group - 1,000,000 YUPs: 5 Units 


In the past 3 months, a total of 5% of the 1,334,000 YUPs was given out to our users. Below you can see the results month per month.


January: 280k YUPs; 25 Tasks

February: 200k YUPs; 31 Tasks 

March: 10k YUPs; 22 Tasks 

April: 500k YUPs; 32 Tasks 

May: 500k YUPs; 30 Tasks 

June: 380k YUPs; 27 Tasks

July: 454k YUPs; 26 Tasks


Keep in mind, you will also receive some altcoins in your profile as part of the dividends. It will be important to keep recruiting and improving the altcoin rewards on our platform in the future. 


Development Updates 

Apart from small improvements to the UI / UX. side, some crucial developments occurred in regards to our admin users. In the admin console, we added a section called "get inspired by successful tasks!". This displays past successful tasks to allow admin users the know how to make similar successful tasks on our platform. You can see it on the screenshot below. 




In addition, we added remade tasks where admins can click to view or simply use the edit to fit their task needs.




This was an important development as it teaches the admin users the ideal tasks to use or create, giving more autonomy to them and a more automated result on Crowdholding's side.


On top of that, we built a script that when depositing a minimum or higher of 0.1 ETH through the "Buy YUP" button from the admin console. This purchases YUP from the "Buy Widget" and then stores it in the admin projects wallet enabling distribution of rewards more simply for the admins using their personal wallet. 


Lastly, we did some minor content adjustments in order to promote all businesses and projects to use the platform rather than just blockchain startups. This allows us to attract projects who might not use blockchain but still want to benefit from our feedback system. 




We are constantly striving to improve the platform and increase our awareness, we will update you on what we have been working on in August at the start of September. What would you like to see on our platform? Any particular changes or projects? Leave a comment below!


Also make sure to check out our platform, we have over 41,000 signups and 120 projects. Come and become a Crowdholder, complete micro tasks and earn crypto for it! 


Until next time stay classy Crowdholders!


I am a social media manager living in Prague. I am an avid crypto enthusiast.


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