CropBytes | Crypto Farming Game - Trailer
CropBytes | Crypto Farming Game - Trailer

By Ke ignity | CropBytes | 31 Mar 2020


Check out the best Crypto Game on the block.

A game of business where you farm, trade & earn cryptocurrency. Prove your skills in the virtual world and become a tycoon  farmer in the town.

Get real returns in Tron(TRX), Bitcoin(BTC), Etherum(ETH), and more!

Dive into the world of Crypto Games with the best Blockchain-powered game on Android/iOS. You own assets inside the game & use them to provide goods & services to other players or trade to generate daily returns in virtual currencies. 

Features ⚡️

👉 Grow & harvest a variety of crops & fruits.

👉 Customize your farm as you like.
👉 Collect extracts like milk, eggs, wool & more from animals.

👉 Generate utilities like electricity or supply water & trade for crypto.
👉 Provide services like food processing, renting land & more to co-players.

👉 Trade assets, supplies, extracts, animals, game cards etc. in an open market.

👉 Breed your animals for new babies.

👉 Explore your friend's farm.

👉 Earn returns in crypto and transfer to your preferred blockchain  wallet.

👉 And more !!


What is CropBytes? 

A farming business game. You are a businessman in a small farming township where your goal is to grow your business by producing goods, providing utilities & services and trading. 


Grow & harvest crops to trade or feed your animals. Animal extracts like milk, eggs, truffles, etc can be converted to game cards or trade with co-players. Own assets that generate utilities & charge other players for electricity, water, etc. Mill owners provide the community with services like food grinding for a fee. All activities in the game are required for the economy to grow.

More contribution to the economy will grow a player's portfolio & returns.


CropBytes features a marketplace for trading plenty of in-game crypto assets like animals & their extracts, farm & dairy products, food, electricity, water etc. Trade wisely to maximize your gains.


Farm and trade daily to grow your portfolio in the game. As you play the game grows & the value of the assets also increases. The assets can then be sold to co-players for cryptocurrency.


Join 10k+ players who use the power of Blockchain technology to play and earn real crypto! 


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  • The game is free to play; however, in-app purchases are available•

 Use of this application is governed by CropBytes. Terms of Service,

  • For information about how CropBytes uses personal data, please read our privacy policy at

Ke ignity
Ke ignity

A Writer, designer & crypto enthusiast


Play and earn Cryptocurrency daily! From the new era of crypto gaming and the success of farming simulation games like Farmville & Hayday comes a game ahead of its time. CropBytes is all about building your crypto portfolio by farming, trading and investing. A game of business where you can earn real crypto daily, just by playing.

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