The fall befor winter

The fall befor winter

By Ms.Bubbles | CrispyCrypto | 16 Nov 2020

Echoing footsteps fill a valley with walls of creaking dusty engines stationed at the end of it, a growling Machine puffing out steam and pouring strang substances. A mysterious figure activates the machine to produce a glowy golden mass weapon of destruction.
In the thick and wide atmosphere of planet Centauria, Resodented floating Islands of connected blocks and unique people. "Woohoo, run faster, Bulb!" Scary Shouted. Ridding a chocolate pouncing bull enjoying the suspense of holding on to dear life, her pet crow, Raven, scouting her from above. Raven dives down, plucking Scaries straw hat, trying to warn her that she's about to crash straight into the greenhouse where Scaries mom Scarlet was present!
"Oh no, Bulb, stop!" she says, pulling its horns back. Bulb plants his hooves into the ground, suddenly braking speed, Throwing Scary off of his back into the air screaming. Scary flies through the greenhouse entrance, tumbles onto the floor, and into a tree. She turns from her upside-down position wheezing and grunting from pain. "Did you have a refreshing morning ride?".Scary looks up to see her mom in her farming gear smiling at her as glowing pink leaves shower them. She gets up, dusting off her overall " refreshing indeed," she said sarcastically.
Scarlet chuckles, "oh, quit whining; we are scarecrows. Our bodies are natural cushions. Go back to the cabin and set the table. I'll be right behind you." Scary places her hat back on her head and whispers, "Sure." Scary exited the greenhouse and walks to the cabin that pierced the morning mist with its lights illuminating from its cracks. On the way, she spots Scar, her dad tending to the mint fields, she gives him a wave, and he waves back. The mint plants wear her favorite; they come in different colors, emitting a warm glow and gentle whisper. Raven lands on Scaries shoulder; she ruffles his feathers and gives him a light kiss, "thanks for warning me about mom." She says. In the cabin, Scary sets the table perfectly with a white paper cloth and polished silver utensils, not long after Scarlet enters the kitchen and cooks up a storm in a matter of minutes! Scary doesn't know how she does it. Scarlet looks at Scary and gestures to the window. "Tell your fother it's time to eat." She says. As Scary opens the window, a cool and humid mint-scented breeze brushes against her hey face, sending her black hair flowing. She scans the field and finds Scar resting on a bench. "Dad, breakfast is ready!" She yells.
Scar gets up and enters the cabin; while Scary sits down, he takes a huge box out of the fridge and places it in the middle of the table.
Scary realizes a strange atmosphere in the room; her mom cooked up a feast and exotic dishes like spicy pink porage for "breakfast," Her dad pulled out a huge box that smells of cake. Scary feels a jolt of excitement" What's the occasion?" she askes, juddering her feet and smiling. Scar takes a sip of water then clears his throat. "Scary for many years we the Scarecrow family have lived at the edge of block Harvest the capital of KAVA and provided the merchants that come from all over the crypto world with mints in exchange for trees as safe savings for them. "
Scaries pure black eyes widened. "Yes~?" she said in great suspense.
Scar looked at her proudly, "You're 15 now, and I think it's time for you to get into the family business as a farmer."
"Yeay! Finally!" Scary jumps up in joy.
Scarlet applauses, "congratulations, sweetie!" she says as she opens the box, revealing a grass cake tucked within each other as if a threaded bobbin. "Let's eat!" says Scarlet. The Scarecrows celebrate the upcoming of a new yield farmer with a heartful breakfast.


I like art, cooking, stories, fashion, designs, and creative minds.


This blog revolves around my interest in cryptocurrency, blockchain, and to release my techno geekiness

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