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Litecoin's processing power reaches record highs

By Exe8422 | Criptonoticias | 15 Apr 2019


During the last week, the processing power of the Litecoin network has been twice over its historical maximum. First, on April 8, when it reached its new peak of 359 TH / s. Then, this Sunday, April 14, when he averaged 347 TH/s.

In BitInfoCharts data, you can see how both figures are above the best historical average of the network. On May 24, 2018, the Litecoin network had reached a hashrate of 342.8 TH/s that it could never overcome until now.

During this year, the Litecoin network was recovering its processing power, after which at the end of 2018 they approached their lowest numbers since March of that same year, below 150 TH/s.

This increase is important because of its impact on network security. The greater the processing power, the more difficult for an attacker to alter the information contained in a particular blockchain. Bitcoin has to date today according to the BitInfoCharts itself a hash rate higher than 42,000,000 Th/s.

This recent peak in processing coincides with another historic cap for Litecoin. Also the difficulty of mining has reached record highs in recent days, as shown by another BitInfoCharts chart, which shows a cap of 11,815,000.

Meanwhile, LTC is still far from its maximum quotations, just like the rest of the crypto market. Currently, its price of USD 77.6 according to LiveCoinWatch at the time of writing this note, is far from the USD 359 that came to be listed in December 2017.


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