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By Exe8422 | Criptonoticias | 10 Jun 2019


Hello my Friends of Publish0x, this time I bring you a short post but with information that may be of interest. It is a social network that was put online recently, it is called WEKU and it has its Origin in Asia, it is very similar to this one; using BlockChain technology and you also generate a cryptocurrency called Weku and another called Weku Dollars (WKD).


The interface is practically a copy of another social network called Steemit, so it is very easy to understand, but there is a significant difference; your vote does count, since you start with 200,000 Weku Power and from the beginning you can support your favorite authors without being part of a trail or a team. Equally, the registration is immediate! You only need to give your mail, then they send you a confirmation email and that's it; That same day you are publishing for the first time, without waiting two weeks as it happens in Steemit.

Recently your currency entered the market and is having good acceptance by investors, it is good time to avail your price and take some of them, taking advantage of the platform is starting it seems a good idea to create an account and start publishing from now on I started a few days ago and in the short time that I have been I have met several users from different countries (Venezuelans, Latin Americans and Americans) in this new platform.


This is my current purse, I will be increasing its value in the next few days, we also have to wait 7 days between one publication and another. Publishing is exactly the same as Steemit; the Markdown System is used.


My most sincere advice is to register and do not miss this opportunity; remember that everything when something starts first in Register always benefit the most, and it is likely that the Weku reach a good price this year, which is worth collecting today.

To Register this is my Link: Register in Weku
If you want to register without intermediaries: Register in Weku

For those who want to follow me in Weku, my username is @cracked just like in Steemit, in Weku I am voting and curating publications, since there my vote does serve to support my favorite authors.

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