eBay denies accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment

By Exe8422 | Criptonoticias | 15 May 2019


An eBay ad led to an adoption rumor from the online shopping platform. However, these rumors were dispelled by an eBay spokesperson, who assured Bloomberg that "cryptocurrencies are not accepted as a form of payment."

While the eBay spokesman declared that cryptocurrencies are not part of the company's "payment strategy", Twitter's crypto community started the week by echoing a publication that showed a billboard that read: "Virtual currency . It's happening on eBay. " The tweet, leaked by alias Wolf (@imnotthewolf), ensured that during Consensus 2019 it was possible for eBay to announce support for purchases with cryptocurrencies on its platform.

This rumor impressed the crypto community, in a week in which there has been an increase of 36.58% in the price of bitcoin, because this is the second time that eBay has been related to cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. It is important to note that this rumor, along with ads linked to the ecosystem by Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and Whole Foods, have been identified as one of the explanations underlying the rise in the price of BTC.

TD Ameritrade, a trading platform for financial assets, recently denied one of these rumors. In the crypto community the information that TD Ameritrade was testing the Bitcoin and Litecoin networks for exchanges had been disseminated. However, Sunayja Tuteja, head of Digital Assets at TD Ameritrade, said in an interview that it was only a simulation; although some enthusiasts of cryptocurrencies took it as fact.

Rumors or information? According to the co-founder of the trading platform KoinStreet, Roshan Mirajkar, that is the difficulty of the cryptoecosystem: recognizing when it is real information or when it is only an advertising strategy. A difficulty that has historically questioned whether market movements have a basis or are passing elements that inflate a bubble in the market that will explode in the future.

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