SUPER RUNNING COIN towards the next step

SUPER RUNNING COIN towards the next step

By Coincobra | Criptonita 2 | 12 Nov 2020

Hello people. Do you know the crypto Super Running Coin (SRC)?

It is crypto and based on the Ethereum Blockchain. For this reason, it provides security and reliability in financial transactions and can be traded at any time, by anyone and anywhere. More features of the SRC can now be found at the following address 👇




Today that currency is being traded for about $0,000150 USD. It would be a good time to purchase thousands of units. If we consider that in August of this year it has already reached more than $1.5 USD on the Coinbase list.

Continuing with the characteristics of the SRC, everyone can make payments send and receive SRC with low costs and security.

At the moment SRC is not very popular but there is a timetable to be followed and it promises to be as popular as Litecoin.

The list on some exchanges including Binance is on SuperRunningCoin's schedule. Also on its websites is the promise of profit for investors over time and the price stabilization at  $5 USD.

After stabilizing your price there will also be an airdrop.

Check the website on the roadmap menu for the full schedule.

Where to buy SRC -

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Watch how - Here step by step

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