By Coincobra | Criptonita 2 | 23 Sep 2020

Recently, the largest US exchange listed and made 3 new cryptocurrencies available to negotiate.

This is very interesting, as they were launched in sequence over a period of just over 45 days.

In the case of coinbase it is not very common for this to happen, on the other hand it is very good for those looking for different options.

Come on, the 3 new options are: Celo; Band Protocol and Uniswap


Valuation After Listing


Celo(CGLD): this token  has valued 186%  after being listed in the coinbase.

Band Protocol(BAND): this cryptocurrency has valued about 1000% after being listed on the coinbase.

Uniswap(UNI): the most recent token listed has valued about 300% when being listed.

There are opportunities ;)

Download and earn BAT

Earn Celo

Watch video Celo on coinbase.

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