What are the 15 richest bitcoin addresses in 2020?

What are the 15 richest bitcoin addresses in 2020?

By Alessandro Sciacchitano | Criptoita | 21 Mar 2020

What are the 15 richest bitcoin addresses in 2020?

If you are wondering today in 2020 what are the 15 addresses bitcoin  with the largest amount of  BTC  in them the answer comes to us from  bitinfocharts .



As you can see from the attached above the first richest address has a budget of 255,500 BTC, the second contain 161,500 BTC, while the third so on over 106,000 to decline until the fifteenth that 44,000 BTC.

The interesting fact is that in 2018 I had already covered the topic on Criptoita with the article "The 10 richest Bitcoin addresses", but now we see in detail what has changed.

In particular, in 2018 the richest address bitcoin held 167,000 BTC, thus almost 100,000 less than the first in the standings today.

The second address in 2018 had a budget of 157,000 while today the second has about 10,000 more.

As for the rest, in principle, almost every wallet through eighth have higher amounts of BTC in their budget.

I enclose picture of 2018 to ensure that you can make yourself the comparison:


the 10 richest addresses bitcoin 2018

Further analyzing the two images also what you can note is that in the top 10 remained unchanged only one address BTC in 2 years the number 8, which was eighth in 2018 and is at position 8 even today in 2020, while the rest are all new addresses, although this does not mean that they can always be the same people who have moved funds on a new wallet.

From nine onwards however the amount of the budget appear to have declined although not by much.

The comparison made thus allows you to determine that you continue to believe in BTC  despite the difficult times and despite the high price volatility.

Bitcoin in my opinion is still the best asset for made holding with cryptocurrecies.

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