The 5 most famous Bitcoin Price Prediction

The 5 most famous Bitcoin Price Prediction

By Alessandro Sciacchitano | Criptoita | 20 Mar 2020

Around the web there are many price prediction on Bitcoin , by high estimate to the anticipation of the end of the same BTC.

But let's see five pretty famous and dreams that leave owners of Bitcoin if these forecasts should occur, except the 5th representing the collapse of a myth.

1 - Bitcoin $ 1 million in 2020 by John McAfee and Jim Cramer

Surely the most famous prediction is that of John McAfee, maybe even for a way to express it on Twitter:


John McAfee Tweet

As you can see from the Tweet expects the price of bitcoin to 1 million dollars by the end of 2020 and if it does not happen announces that "eat his dick," Well what about undoubtedly the class is not lacking, but in any case there is no doubt he believes in what he says.

To it in the price assumptions that sees bitcoin to $ 1 million while also having the figure of Jim Cramer American television personality.

2 - Bitcoin to $ 250,000 by 2020

To support this price assumptions for bitcoin, to $ 250,000 are 3 characters, namely:

  • Jameson Loop computer engineer and investor.
  • Trace Mayer entrepreneur and investor.
  • Tim Draper investor in venture capital.

3 - Bitcoin to $ 125,000 by 2023 by Thomas Lee

Thomas Lee founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors and analyst, always showing some appreciation of cryptocurrency mother BTC prevedondone a price between 2021 and 2023 to $ 125,000.

4 - Bitcoin $ 100,000 Max Keizer

According to Max Keizer presenter KeiserReport  the price of bitcoin in the long term could reach $ 100,000.

5 - Bitcoin to $ 100 in 2028

The last is the price assumptions undoubtedly more disastrous that sees the bitcoin down to share $ 100 by 2028, to support this hypothesis are well two prominent personalities such as:

  • Joseph Stiglitz, economist
  • Kenneth Rogoff, professor of economics at the University of Harvard


As we can see the 5 price prediction for Bitcoin most famous, they are among the most diverse and varied from $ 100 expected by 2028 by Joseph Stiglitz and Kenneth Rogoff, the million dollars provided by McAfee and Cramer 2020.

Everything we have seen in this article is basically just the result of personal opinion, there are no real foundation to be able to shoot this magnitude numbers.


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Originally published at my own website in italian language NOVEMBER 12, 2019.


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