Binance Stacking how to get free cryptocurrency - Guide

Binance Stacking how to get free cryptocurrency - Guide

By Alessandro Sciacchitano | Criptoita | 22 Mar 2020

Binance launched another initiative the stacking for some cryptocurrency.

What is The Stacking?

The Stacking is the process of detention of funds in a cryptocurrency  wallet to support the operations of a network blockchain .

Users are rewarded for the simple storage and possession of coins on Binance as they normally would.

So in essence, just hold a supported cryptocurrency on Binance to receive monthly a certain amount of digital currency based, the quantity you possessed.

How to participate?

Just simply deposit your cryptocurrency already supported on Binance to begin to get a passive income.

The snapshop deposited funds occurs every time and token distribution takes place every month, according to data collected on a daily basis.

Which currencies are currently supported?

Currently  Binance support the following digital Currencies:

  • Tron - Minimum deposit 5 TRX - Estimated Annual Return 1/3% cryptocurrency received BTT, Wink and TRX
  • Elrond - Minimum Deposit 700 ERD - Estimated Annual Return 3/4% cryptocurrency received ERD
  • Algorand - Minimum Deposit ALGO 2 - Annual Return Estimate 12/14% cryptocurrency receipt Algo
  • Stratis- Minimum Deposit 2 STRAT - Annual Return Estimate 1/2% cryptocurrency receipt STRAT
  • QTUM- Minimum Deposit 1 QTUM- Annual Return Estimate 6/8% cryptocurrency receipt QTUM
  • Komodo - Minimum Deposit KMD- 1 5/6 Estimated Annual Return cryptocurrency received KMD
  • Stellar - Minimum Deposit 10 XLM- Annual Return Estimate 2/4% cryptocurrency receipt XLM
  • Vechain - Minimum Deposit 1 VET - Annual Return Estimate 3/5% cryptocurrency received VET
  • Ontology - Minimum Deposit 0.1 ONT - Annual Return Estimate 3/5% cryptocurrency received ONT
  • Neo - Minimum Deposit 0 Neo - Estimated Annual Return 3/5% cryptocurrency received GAS

Pro and Versus Of Stacking on Binance


  • Nothing to do except deposit criptovalute supported on Binance .
  • You get returns without any effort.
  • No time constraint, at any time you can withdraw your digital currency.


The only Cons of the whole context is the classic concept, for which with online wallet and exchange are not completely of your own cryptocurrency , as the private key is not only in your hands but also in the platform.

Certainly Binance to date has proven to be one of the most serious companies in the sector.

It's your choice what to do.

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Originally published in italian language at on OCTOBER 9, 2019.


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