CoinMarketCap Diamonds

Hi everybody!

During these particular days, defined by someone as a bear market phase, I can read some interesting news all around the web.

In this article I would like to examine a little bit the Loyalty Program of CoinMarketCap launched yesterday!

CoinMarketCap is launching a loyalty rewards program for their users.

Here below their link where to learn more about CoinMarketCap Diamonds.

CoinMarketCap Launches Loyalty Program

I have personally tried, and here attached there are some screen of the real simple and intuitive process made:


To summarize it is necessary only to have an own CoinMarketCap account and, obsiouly after logged in, collect each day the diamonds in the earning section (in the top right part of the homepage of the website)...


...that can be used (spent) in different rewards and/or features!

At the moment there are only few examples without the price, so we cannot really know if it worth it or not!


So today (the second day after the launch) I have collected again the diamonds and I could note that while from the first to the second day I had to wait more or less 6 hours, from the second to the third day there are 16 hours.

It is probable that moving forward... the hours/days are going to be more and more each time.




Furthermore I could also note that the "diamonds sections" is available only from PC, cause I was not able to find it from my mobile phone.

What do you think about this initiative?

let me knowin your comments :)

Have a nice day!




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