Axolotl Finance: Privacy and speed in Micropayments

Axolotl Finance: Privacy and speed in Micropayments

Hi everybody!

Today I would like to share with you something new found on the web.

It is AXOL TOKEN, a decentralized, innovative, meme token.

It is a new protocol that is going to be opened tarde in Pancakeswap On June 15, 15 UTC. $AXO Trade Will start After the Countdown Ends: 2 days and few hours left.


As I can read from their white paper:

This protocol is designed to preserve the privacy of users while they make micropayments on the Bitcoin, ETH, BSC and other blockchain networks.

The privacy is a right, not a privilege;
Axolotl Finance, adopts multiple technologies like State Channels, zero-knowledge proof & smart contracts to enhance privacy protection.

Logging to your account Using you Bep20(BNB) address you can Claim 1$ ($AXO) 15 minutes For free.

I sincerely do not know if we can really trust this system, or if all it is learned cannot be withdraw in the wallet unless the balance doesn’t arrive to 500$ OR 300$ as per the 2 screenshot below.

The first one trying to withdraw from the homepage:



The second one from their telegram group:



In any case, let’s try and see…

Here there is my referral link:



thank you for reading, using my link and tipping!

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