On the homepage of the AUTOFARM* website, there is an important update to note about the wallet setup that can be connected.

While previously the BSC** crypto currencies that could be farmed were the big part, now also the HECO*** have been increased into the system.


 This means there are more VAULT can be farmed, with advantageous interest tax especially on stable coins with auto-compounding options available.

Not less important, the transaction fees are even low than the BSC ones.

One of the news, regards MDEX, which is a real new decentralized trading protocol (launched in January 2021) with the particularity of a dual-chain model, (this means that it can work on both the Ethereum and HECO network).




 As usual, we have to consider that this kind of investment comport very high risk, but should also evaluable for what they can offer! 


Happy farming!!!



*AUTOFARM: Decentralized Finance APP (Hyper-optimised Cross-chain DEX & Yield Aggregator)

**BSC: Binance Smart Chain

***HECO: Huobi Eco Chain

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