Bottle of Djinn

By psy37 | Crimson sh37L | 2 Mar 2020

Prayers are cheap 
When there's no answer 
Denied wishes granted 
To demonmancers 
Investment is High yield 
Predatory playing field 
Where they Praise zeros  
holy checkbooks 
Halos roped around they necks 
Hooked on shoots and ladders 
Climb up again to Backslide 
Sin & money wins 
Fiends frontin’ like they all best friends 
Dark Serpent lord reptilians 
Cultured in curriculum 
DUMBed down 
Like its down syndrome 
Corruption you can trust in 
Bad magic based religion 
Merchant warfare acquisitions 
Corporate banks defacing Christians 
So all will bow unto their idolation 
At a Sacrificial pile 
Black cloaks Under white robes 
At their altar of denial 

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