How to buy crypto for beginners

By Cryptoking 2022 | Creed | 27 Jun 2021

Hey there,

So you have finally decided to jump on the crypto bandwagon! Welcome aboard and brace yourself for an exciting ride. Here i will describe the necessary steps to purchase TRX tokens to begin your new crypto adventure.

The first step you will need to take is to exchange your hard earned fiat (GBP, USD, YEN etc) into a useable cryptocurrency, the easiest and best way in my opinion to do this is by using a website called binance.

Firstly you will have to register and sign up to binance before you can trade. Registration is simple and takes around 10 minutes including providing KYC details.


Kyc or know your customer is a regulatory step some exchanges have taken to comply with current legislation. It involves taking a selfie and holding some form of legal document (drivers license passport etc) to prove your identity.

Once you have completed this step the rest is easy! Simply log into your binance account and head on over to the trades section, click on fiat then select your fiat type and click buy crypto.


Next type in the name of the crypto you would like to buy in the search bar, in this example we will use TRX.
Enter the amount of fiat you wish to spend e.g £40 and click continue.

The next page will show you exactly how much crypto you will recieve for your fiat purchase, in this example and at the time of writing, £40 gets 892 TRX.



Click on pay with card then add your card details to the system. Add your card details then your billing address then click PAY NOW.



Thanks for reading and i hope this has helped you to take your first steps into the wonderful world of crypto!

Be sure to look out for my next articles including how to trade your newly acquired crypto for CREED!!!


Disclaimer: there are many different websites and services out there to exchange fiat into crypto, but i personaly have used binance and find it simple and easy to use. I am in no way affiliated or have any bias towords binance, i just chose them to do my tutorial.

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