Buying CREED from bololex

By Cryptoking 2022 | Creed | 27 Jun 2021

Ok so in my last article i explained to you how to get your money into crypto to begin your journey into the unknown, in this one i will specifically detail how to get your hands on our very own CREED token!!!


Before we go any further this article assumes you are farmilliar with the basics of crypto and already have funds available to trade.


Firstly you need to sign up for an account at, which has a very easy and straight forward sign up process.


Next you need to get your cryptocurrency into bololex in order to be able to trade. Currently CREED has trading pairs of
That is the vast majority of major crypto covered so there are many ways to get your hands on CREED!


Simply go to the FUNDS page then type in the name of the crypto you wish to deposit. You will be given a deposit address to send your crypto to the exchange.
IMPORTANT. ONLY SEND THE CRYPTO YOU HAVE CHOSEN eg USDT and make sure you select the correct chain.


Ok so you have signed up to bololex and now you have crypto in the exchange ready to trade! The next step is to go to the EXCHANGE page and type in CREED in the search bar, there you will see all the available pairs to currently trade with.

Once you select a pair you will be presented with the trading screen, showing a graph and other valuable data.


Simply scroll down to the buy section, fill in the amount of CREED you want and the price per CREED you want to pay, if your order is matched with a sell order, the transaction will be completed instantly, if it is not, your order will sit in the buy list waiting for someone to match a sell order with your buy price.


Congratulations! You have just bought your first CREED and are on the way to a very successful future!!!


Thanks for taking the time to read this article and i hope it has helped you in your crypto journey! Be sure to look out for more tutorials and info coming soon.

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