Bitcoin halving: my All-In Journey!

Bitcoin halving: my All-In Journey!

By ibbysquish | Creative Tips | 12 May 2020

What do i think of bitcoin halving?

i think there is an opportunity here to create tremendous wealth because historically the halving has Been met with a big spike a few weeks/months later. If you Can lock up £100 now and come back in 6 months, it should be worth considerable more then what you put in.


Where do i think the price is headed?

historically, after the sharp rise, it settles at a lower number and increases/decreases daily, but it goes up over time till the next halfing. (E.g this/last year it was around £7kish the most part. In 2016 it was hovering around £2K ect.


My wallet right nowi plan on adding to this bit by bit every few days till the bull run happens and see how much of a profit i make. Stay tuned as I'll document my journey so make sure your subscribed so you don’t miss out on my journey. 

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