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Want to make money by selling Photo taken from mobile online?

Want to make money by selling photos online? Today's article is for you if you want to know how.


Is it your hobby to photograph or do you want to become a professional photographer, a career in photography? So look at some of the best ways to make money by selling photos.

Many people like to take pictures. You always click on the camera as a hobby. Captured many wonderful moments with the camera. However, it is limited to hobbies.

So many people ask how can it be possible to earn money by selling photos. In Article T I will discuss how to earn money by selling photos online.

Your photos must be copyright free. That means your creativity is your own. If you try to earn money by just sharing someone else's uploaded pictures, you will be caught. Because it could be a copyright photo.

Check out a list of some websites

You get lots of sites where you buy photos and sell them. And after the sale you pay.

Again, there are some sites where you can upload your clicked photos. With all the details and pricing and when someone buys a photo you get your money in the account.

Some sites sell copyright-free images. If you want to submit photos you will get commission on a monthly basis. So let's take a look at the list and description of the photo selling site below.


1. Shutterstock
It is a global platform where people from more than 3 countries sell and buy photos, videos or Vector Image. And the platform started in the 21st. You can work directly from the website or using the App.


You can also publish your photos as a Contributor. However, you need to create an account for that. This allows you to monitor other activities, including raising money.


And things to keep in mind when selling your photos. Keyword that matches the photo. Along with a photo description so everyone can get a good idea about your photo. And the most useful is submitting to the correct category.351665157-98e427cd85ce6dd5b0e0c6d3fbb4d06f9e2d829730c89b0a83d3e74aa4f4b8e1.pngWithin a few days of submitting your photo, you will verify it and feel free to publish it in the Global Market Place. A minimum of 4.0 Mega Pixel + Camera can be used. Because the better the photo quality, the higher the response.


You can also make money by subscribing monthly, on-demand download, single download, and referring.

Overall, your earnings will depend on your photo download needs. And you can withdraw a minimum of $ 1 if deposited into the account. And it will be used for PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Please do not delay in registering from the link below.

Shutterstock Registration Link


2. Adobe Stock
Adobe is the best and most popular brand in the current market. And they have the opportunity to earn by using the Stock Photo Program. You can submit photos or videos.

You need to be 18 years old to submit a photo or video. And then you can share as a Contributor.

You can submit photos of different categories. Such as: culture, technology, fashion, lifestyle, beauty and more. And you can use Auto Suggest Keyword and other features.

You get 45% commission for every photo you sell. And when your account is credited with $ 25 you can withdraw it via PayPal or Skrill.

The benefits you will get:

  • You can submit photos directly using Lightroom Classic CC, Bridge, Premiere and Photoshop Mix App.
  • Bring your creativity to the world.
  • Photos can be sold on two sites Adobe Stock and Fotolia.

If you want to register, go to the link below and start earning money.

Stock Adobe Get Start


3. Alamy
This is one of the best platform photo sales to earn. They have more than 1.5 million clients. And so far they have paid $ 20 million to publishers.

You can upload photos, live news and vector images with vector images.

And if you upload photos, you get 50% commission.

If you would like to register and get used to today, please visit the link below.

ALamy Reg Link

Today is the end of the article, if you want to know, I will be appearing with dozens more web sites like this.

If you like the article, feel free to like and share your comments. See you again at some other time.

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