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Auditory Sensation: Is Ujo the future of music?

By Manyong'oments | Creative Remix | 12 May 2020

Music is a wonderful medium of art and its effects, unquestionable.

However, the process of making music is not always delightful.

Even worse, its not always rewarding upon its release into the world.

Musicians battle large monetary cuts and making a breakthrough requires more than just talent.

The breakthrough of an artist marked by merchandise, tours, free products and other added benefits, comes at a cost.

Is there a solution? 


The music industry is broken, but broken is exactly where innovation starts.

Ujo Music is a decentralized platform that empowers musicians.

Its currently in beta, but open to the public.

Without question, it will turn things upside down. 


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You can also access all the midi files for free over here

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