Fountains of Fire

By CC1370 | Creative Mindset | 12 May 2021

I can’t stop watching this wonder of nature

As the earth spits out the old to create the new

Literally watching it’s rebirth in a sea of molten lava pouring over its banks to form new lands

Bright red glowing from deep within its high walls laying dormant for a while then bursting forth in geysers of fire and ash

It is both hypnotizing and terrifying all the while breathtaking in its enormity reminding us of how powerless we are on this earth of ours

And yet basking in its glow as it explodes in wonderous bursts of energy we could only hope to harness and use ourselves

This prehistoric life lesson of how it was all created and continues to evolve right before our very eyes

The earth hasn’t given up creating itself and we have front row seats

This once in a lifetime gift

This spectacular event

This colossus





You can watch the Icelandic volcano live on either of these two live cams:


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Creative Mindset
Creative Mindset

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