The Angry Negro

By Blackf16h | creative funk and stuff | 12 Oct 2021

At the end of the day you gotta do your own thing...I can dance, I can why do I need to argue with someone who doesn’t give a damn thing?

Pure foolishness I say...perhaps I need to find my own way?

Which is cool with me ‘cause the vision I held is purely for me, myself and I...up in the sky, I see my children's faces, my sons' lives to take over the paces.

I shan’t forget my dreams, ‘cause someone else thinks me to be mean...I speak the truth, I know who I am and I didn’t sit here to write fantasy a la Peter Pan, I want to hard, when you search 4 truth, don’t let down your guard I didn’t come to date Ruth nor Esther.

You laugh at the court jester, call me nigger one more time I make you scream like Hester. Know what I mean?

Five-oh arrived on the scene ‘Did you see what happened ma’am?’ Naw, she hadn't been out of the house, cause she felt the sensation of that new sound that’s sweeping the nation.

It’s what I do-nothing like the Mountain Dew, I bet you never read the ‘Taming of the Shrew’ Boo-hoo, are those tears you cry?

We don’t have time guy, how dare you ask me why?

Without me, please tell me whatcha got?

You better step carefully or you be living in a parking lot for the rats to find you, nibbling on that Cola goo, I told you before my name is Jones fool!

The hours I spend working for someone else...tell me why, I just put it on the shelf and you don’t get the writing, then you will be biting-let’s get into the ring we truly be fighting.

You don’t want none of me, I'm Jones M.D. I knock your teeth out and hand them to you see. In a nice pretty box, wrapped up in them black socks, chicklits and veneers...maybe a whirly bird top?

Don’t stop.

I didn’t hear the bell, an ass whoopin’ is what I sell. When you taste the blood in your mouth, who you gonna tell? Teeth are gone, lips are pretty phat...the name of the place is, I like it like that! Dave Clark Five alive with that jive, when you walk away from me your mind is blown and fried.

I ain’t got no time to be anyone’s fool, I want to get back to livin’ and head on back to school. I still have my plan, I know where I am going and if I walk it by myself-Diplomas I be showing. Best in the class, toast and raise your glass, the food trucks coming to your town and we are built to last.

Don’t you forget, don’t mess with the black sect...

I’m telling you-I ain’t selling you until you show some respect!

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New investor, curious about Altcoins but more interested in their value. Wanting to learn as much as I can as well. I work full time but looking for alternatives and other ways to supplement my income and make sure my kids are looked after.

creative funk and stuff
creative funk and stuff

So this is where I will post all the funky creative stuff from many years of performance, living life and enjoying the moment. I spent years as a singer in various groups, I sang a cappella, funk and jazz...I've recorded CD's and toured the country. I had so much fun sharing the stage with my best friends, I can't even tell you how much fun that was but I can share the lyrics, the poems, pictures and a few stories from those crazy, creative times!

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