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Pardon me?

By Blackf16h | creative funk and stuff | 24 Oct 2021

Life is never what it used to be. 

Sometimes I’m sad because it’s just a memory. 

I can’t get back to how I be, or not to be, that is the question I cannot answer your Honor.

I’ll plead the 5th, so I don’t end up like Dahlmer. 

Suddenly, I feel a lot calmer. Am I getting close? 

You’ve got to tell me if I’m getting warmer...or cold. 

Tell me where to dig so I can find the gold. 

My girl tell me I need to learn and hold her in the night, 

Tell her it’s alright, the love I have is out of sight. 

But unlike Tyson, I stand and fight and never, every bite. 

If you call me up, we will talk and I just might take the mic and show you how we do it right. 

Like rain, which falls mainly on the plain. 

Rhyme and reason, you’ve been convicted of treason. 

Swerve Griffin is cancelled and we start a new season. 

Hip hop, funk, soul and jazz. 

Doctor Jones is coming up with all that pizzaz. 

If you like I get crazy, smoke too much, you get hazy

Thirty love is the score, where is my drink from the store? 

You can’t touch the SuperBand, so don’t come around here any more.

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New investor, curious about Altcoins but more interested in their value. Wanting to learn as much as I can as well. I work full time but looking for alternatives and other ways to supplement my income and make sure my kids are looked after.

creative funk and stuff
creative funk and stuff

So this is where I will post all the funky creative stuff from many years of performance, living life and enjoying the moment. I spent years as a singer in various groups, I sang a cappella, funk and jazz...I've recorded CD's and toured the country. I had so much fun sharing the stage with my best friends, I can't even tell you how much fun that was but I can share the lyrics, the poems, pictures and a few stories from those crazy, creative times!

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