How to make a profit with any cryptocurrency
How to make a profit with any cryptocurrency

By martintibor40 | Creation of new blog | 30 Dec 2019

Step 1. Pick a cryptocurrency

First of all you need to find a digital commodity that is your target , when you have that make sure you read kind of exchanges going around of any exchanging platform for example (BTC-USD , LTC-BTC , ETH-BTC etc.) this way you can pick your preferred option.


Step 2. Look for prices and charts


Now it's important that you have the price because you can then tell how much you want to invest into and look for the lowest price so you can buy it

and then on the highest you will sell it.


Step 3. Wait for the price to change

Patience is the key to be victorious and profitable , just wait until the price reaches it's peak prices then you're ready to sell it and soar the profit.


Optional Step: Search for other way of investing your money (Proof of Stake , Cloud Mining "Nicehash")

Well stocks aren't always your option because there other options for making money.

You can do it without looking at price all the time , so at least it is more relaxing for you.


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Creation of new blog
Creation of new blog

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