The Decentralized Internet is Here!

By | Creating My Own Crypto | 14 Oct 2019

Free Decentralized Internet is Here!

ZeroNet is a new type of internet, taking the world by storm.   

Combining Blockchain and Torrents, ZeroNet has created a new decentralized internet that is impossible to take down. 

It's nowhere, and everywhere. 

It's impenetrable. 

It's bulletproof.

The best part of all, it's simple.

You can download it and start using it right away.

Works on all devices and in all browsers.

It even works offline.

It's faster than the old internet, page response time is not limited by your connection speed.

It's dynamic with real-time multi-user content.

It works everywhere, supports any modern browser on Windows, Linux or Mac platforms.

ZeroNet sounds truly amazing...

So I went ahead and tried it out...

Here is what I found.

Downloading ZeroNet

I took a stab and went with the Windows downloader,  although it could run in any device or even the cloud I think.

Download was quick, about the size of most mobile appss around 78MB.

Once I unzipped the package, I ran the ZeroNet.exe and it installed instantaneously.

It immediately opened a tab in my browser on the ZeroNet homepage.

Boom, I was online.

Starting on ZeroNet

Being a web designer, I wanted to immediately make my mark on the decentralized web.

I went ahead and activated my blog by clicking on ZeroBlog.

Then I went to "Create My Blog" on the left.

Surprisingly, it gave instructions for one-click cloning the existing ZeroNet blog run by Zero. 

So, I went ahead and cloned it and now I have my own blog, instantly!

Recorded my first post, and published it,  now it's live in the decentralized web!

Email Me on ZeroNet

Just go to ZeroMail and choose an id to send me an email!  My ID  is CryptoStalker.

If you haven't setup a ZeroID yet,  do it now.

ZeroID is kinda like your username to access the decentralized web.

You can create a ZeroID instantly.

Then your ZeroNet system uses it to login to things like ZeroMail,  chat, blogs, etc.

Think of it similar to a MetaMask username or Dapps profile.

It's your "identity" when browsing or using the ZeroNet decentralized web.

Chatting, Blogging, File Sharing, & So Much More...

Looks like there are plenty of other things to do on ZeroNet,  from ZeroMail  the decentralized email solution, to buying my own decentralized domain name,  to chatting/reddit like spaces,  other sites,  apps, and so much more.

It's clear the decentralized web is much easier to access than anytime in history.

Decentralized Domains & Hosting

You can easily buy a domain name using NameCoin crypto currency (worth about .36 cents) and connect it to the ZeroNet internet.  This way your decentralized domain name points to a decentralized web host.

Register a namecoin here

Then you can add it to your ZeroName so the domain is hosted by ZeroNet.

This way not only is your domain name and hosting practically free, it's also impossible to ever take down!

Move Over IPFS, ZeroNet is Here

Compared to the IPFS, Zeronet is a cakewalk to use.

IPFS and other past solutions before ZeroNet came along required tons of technical jargon and acrobatics to even used.

That's probably the biggest reason decentralized web has not become maintstream yet.

However, with ZeroNet's solution, the decentralized web is looking like it has a bright future!

The Internet, Only Better

ZeroNet has proven that the decentralized web is a real possibility. 

Not only can the internet be decentralized, it can still be dynamic.

Decentralization doesn't mean static web files.

The decentralized web can still be interactive, multi-user, and real-time.

Thanks ZeroNet for providing a starting place for the internet, only decentralized.

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