By Jcvols | Creati writings | 22 Mar 2022

In celebration of World Poetry Day, I figured why not post a poem I wrote?  Hope you enjoy, and not all of my poems are as dark as this one.




The demons are out tonight
searching for souls to steal
Laughing and carrying on
Just a game for them big deal

A life's work torn asunder
with but a whisper in the mind
A family all but shattered
Unanswered questions left behind

Whats it like to sleep forever
Do you dream or think or see
Or is there only nothingness
You simply cease to be

Are the judging eyes still on you
as they lay you down to rest
Still never good enough for them
Even though you tried your best

Is there guilt within the masses
whom criticized you in plain sight
Do they realize that they were them
those demons you had to fight

I tried so hard to just belong
but alas it wasn't to be
my outside kept me in restraints
my inside yearning to break free

Just a glance below the surface
to see whats really me
If that was what the world had seen
there would be so much less misery

I tried my best I lost the fight
I'm strong but not enough
I can't be who i see myself
when everyone else sees the rough

The demons are out tonight
to claim their victory
Should i laugh or should i cry
their victory was me

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