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By Canim07 | FaucetReporter | 5 Aug 2023

I have been using the above faucet site since around February 2023. I was very impressed with the site at first.  It allowed withdrawals on a daily basis and it improved its faucet during my time of use. There were several nice features that made it a little different too. I made quite a nice amount of BNB coin and the support was also good.  Good enough that I wrote an article for it encouraging folk to join. Also invested in 10 referrals from their system and acquired my own referrals from advertising the site on CoinPayU.  

However, since 19 July, I noticed something was not quite right. My latest withdrawal was pending.  That was not right - it usually arrived into FaucetPay wallet almost immediately.  

I began writing a series of support tickets.  To this date, all of them have been ignored.  I have asked very nicely, 'is there a problem?'  - nobody responds.  I then ask that if the site has gone down, wouldn't it be reasonable to either put something onto the site itself so that users can see, or send out an email to all its users letting us know they are no longer in operation. 

I hate to say this but, as usual, the users are the ones who have wasted time and effort.  It's so easy in this scam digiverse to just ignore people, forget about their time/effort and basically not give a shit about users who have been loyally using your site.  Not to inform anyone is crap, to say the least. 

As the site is still allowing log-ins, sending out AI-generated messages to your support tickets, allowing normal use, I am warning anybody out there of this - YOU WILL PROBABLY NOT GET PAID.  Anybody out there having further information, please write in the comments below.  I can always be wrong and I am just reporting my experience.  

As always, I wish you all well in your lives and your crypto journey. We all live in hope that Bitcoin will be our future.  I live in hope that scammers will hit the shit and reap what they sow.  Take care everybody, I appreciate tips and comments, don't be shy, even a hello would be nice. It can get lonely in this digiverse ..... lol !!!!!

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