Xinfin and Use Cases built around its Blockchain and Tokens

Xinfin and Use Cases built around its Blockchain and Tokens

By cranky | cranky | 31 Mar 2019

Thе Xinfin рlаtfоrm has created a hybrid blockchain model that is very influential in integrating a lot of enterprises with the blockchain technology and network. This hybrid blockchain is comprised of both the public blockchain and the private networks so as to bring out the best blockchain technology possible to its users.

XinFin is already a working model and currently is engaged in numerous projects and partnerships that enables the blockchain technology use cases and we will discuss about some of them.

Use Cases Built on the XDC Hybrid blockchain



This is a web app that allows users to create their own tokens, smart contracts, token issuing as well as management of ICOs all in a single user friendly dashboard without the need of an programming experience or expert.



This is a p2p trade platform that provide various trading tools and instruments of value for both the sellers and the buyers. It aids buyers to gain more capital at global competitive rates, add more visibility to the supplier on global tenders and customer base, as well as other financial tools.



This is a service that offers a very low processing fees, bring about a greater trust between clients with the use of the XDC Protocol to bring risk mitigation and instant payments. TurantPay Github



This is a platform that integrates our internet of things (IoT) devices with the blockchain technology to bring about digital identity, authentication, linkage and many other features to enable a much more smarter world.



This is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that was created on the XDC blockchain so as to bring about new features and solve numerous problems that have plagued most of the current exchanges. It will have a very great liquidity and enable the launching of new products and services on it.

Land Registry:


This is a record management platform based on the blockchain technology and it aims to have access, verify and be able to transfer ownership of land records in real time, thereby reducing fraud, inefficiency, and other problems that affects the land registry management.


Others include



Xinfin Blockchain Academy

DCB Bank Ltd.


With the XinFin hybrid blockchain, we have been able to witness numerous projects and partnerships being done, so as to bring about a drastic increase in the use cases in blockchain technology. For more information  be sure to visit

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