Join me on a Coin Hunt! Pokémon Go style game that lets you collect BTC and ETH!!

By Chev Chelios | CrankThatCrypto | 26 Mar 2021

I’ve been collecting crypto for quite a while now. I’m always on the hunt for decent faucets, airdrops, promotions and yes, games to receive free crypto. Who doesn’t love free coin?! Crypto games have gained a lot of popularity lately. Coin Hunt World is a game that I’ve been enjoying the past couple months and think everyone should check it out. It’s a great mix of Pokémon Go and trivia to collect BTC and ETH. 


The game is still in Beta and the full experience is only available for the US and Canada at the moment. Everyone in the world can still answer a trivia question once a day for some vault keys, though. 


I’ll post my referral link at the bottom to get you started. The basis of the game is to explore the real world and locate key boxes and coin vaults. Collect as many blue keys as you can. The key boxes also let you forge higher key levels at a cost of 10x (blue->green->yellow->red->purple). Once you start you’ll want to place your HQ by using a green key or 10 blue ones. This allows you to get your referral code and earns you one green key per day. 


As you explore you’ll want to collect as many keys as you can, and of course, opening any vaults you encounter along the way. Once you open a vault it will give you 3 category choices for your trivia question. If you get the question correct you’ll receive up to 3 prize boxes. One contains either BTC or ETH sometimes accompanied by vault keys. If you’re lucky enough to get a second one that will contain resources used to craft different cubies (your avatar).



Once the full version is released it will be able to connect to your Uphold account. There are only roughly 1500 users at this point so it’s a good time to get in and start collecting and taking part in their competitions. They have a discord channel as well. The Devs are vary active and can answer any questions you may have. They even placed a printshop that’s required to craft cubies near me in my town when I wasn’t able to find one. Now, they’re located at all Walmart locations.

Further developments that have been added since originally posting about this game... Buddy quests are now active. You can add friends in game and randomly get a quest that will award you a yellow key. Every holiday there has been a new cubic blueprint available to discover and print. Uphold link should be here soon! Almost time for the game to come out of Beta.

User vaults are now live! You can unlock them for 1 green key each at your HQ. Once unlocked, you can place a blue vault anywhere on the map! You earn 5% of the blue keys used to open them. And you can open it every 24 hours.

OK, so, down to getting started! If you’re on an iPhone you’ll need the TestFlight app installed first. Download that here TestFlight


Once installed (Androids DO NOT need TestFlight) you can download the game here Coin Hunt World!

If above link for the game does not work, download TestFlight and the game from here:

Then once installed use my link above to sign up under me.

Thanks for checking it out and I hope you enjoy the game as much as I have! See you on the leaderboards! I’m sure you’ll see ChevChelios on there 🤑

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