Every sat counts!! Enjoy these free hourly claims!

Every sat counts!! Enjoy these free hourly claims!

By Chev Chelios | CrankThatCrypto | 28 Dec 2020

Good day, fellow crypto enthusiasts! 

On the long and stressful journey that is cryptocurrency, there is a ton of info on where to get started and what you should be doing. Many of us have experienced multiple cases of FOMO. some of us have even been burned by an ever-so-dreadful rug pull 😱. No matter how long you’ve been in the crypto game, there is one thing that is for certain: EVERY SAT COUNTS!! The increasing popularity and price of bitcoin may have you regretting not sticking with it years ago. Faucets allow you to claim very small amounts of certain crypto’s, and on the rare occasion a couple hundred bucks. Years ago you were able to claim about half (0.5) of a Bitcoin. Now, you get about 5-10 sats (0.00000005-0.00000010BTC). It’s never too late to start earning and accumulating! Even those small crypto amounts will add up to large dollar amounts eventually. Here is a list of faucets I currently collect from...


💸FreeBitcoin: This one lets you claim every hour. Earn free lottery tickets with every claim. They do a weekly lottery for more BTC. Earn from your referrals as well. Once you hold at least 30k sats you earn 4% interest. Once you reach 0.1BTC you’re able to take advantage of BitBot that automatically makes your claim every hour!! 



💸FreeEthereum: Make hourly claims. Earn a percentage of referrals claims. 



💸FreeNEO: Make hourly claims. Earn a percentage of referrals claims. 



💸PipeFlare: Make daily claims of ZEC, DOGE and FLR (spark, pre-launch). Earn bonuses from linking social medias, referrals, using Brave browser. Play games to earn DAI or ZEC. 



The following faucets require a CoinPot account that can be registered at https://coinpot.co. All claims get sent to CoinPot wallet. Then you can register for each one individually. All can be withdrawn to your wallet after minimum balance achieved. 

















There are so so many more faucets that can be utilized. These are just the ones I am currently using. Feel free to comment more/better ones. And don’t forget to follow for more crypto insights!

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