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By Crackers | Crackers83 | 21 Aug 2020

So as I write this crypto coins seems to be climbing higher and higher I looked through my wallets this morning and I am up 33% all together but this isn't about that this is about getting myself referrals as if the title didn't give it away .Well as I have written twice about Cctip app twice this is kinda of the same but not really as it the best way to earn referrals without costing you much time or money .If you haven't checked cctip app out or looked at it at twitter it simple an airdrop system that you gain coins from tweeting . 


So here is what the drop looks like a normal twitter post where people can just retweet to earn a certain coin this is my post which 1oo people would earn a random amount but you can choose different options 


You can build your twitter tip to include key words or a lucky draw you can also choose what coin you want to give away . But I learned you will get lots of retweets but you will also pick a lot of referrals the tweets I do each day are for Global-hive , pipeflare and of course for this brilliant sight now will admit I have only picked 1 referral on here but on the other 2 I have picked a hell of a lot and now with both offering 50% referral bonus each day I am quite happy   . Just for proof here is my referrals pics from both and IL leave all my links at the bottom  



As you can see not to bad just for a few retweets 

Here is my Referrals Links for these sites are here if you want to give them a try 


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I quite new to this always looking to earn free crypto coins and will always blog about it please follow if your intrested or comment on what i write

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