Coinup24 robbing are articles

By Crackers | Crackers83 | 29 Jul 2020

Hi Folks 

I wasn't planing on writing anything today but I read an article on here this morning about using peoples articles from this site and low behold when I searched on there website low behold three of my articles pop up now . I don't mind people using stuff that I write but at least ask or offer a small payment . It takes time to write this so its quite a pain .b5ea4a717d4aad2fea8519a2e62402c5f81b6400edea77c6e27fa6637067efdd.png

If you look at my post you will notice that three of them appear on this site it looks like a complete copy and paste job which is a joke I have tweeted coinup24 and tagged publish0x because I know they are quite active on there . This site looks very new and some of the articles of mine are a month old on here and they have published them in the last week . If you write on here just have a look on there site and search for one of your blogs maybe I am over thinking this but come on don't create a website then rob other peoples work . Please have a look and leave a comment 

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