CCTip Update

By Crackers | Crackers83 | 12 Aug 2020

So last week I did an article on this new app that works through you getting free coins for tipping well since then its been updated and has changed some interestingly news you can now earn through referrals with up to 6 drops a day 


I will include my referral link at the bottom the always have have made a few rule changes so you now have to a bit a smarter about what retweet as you can only claim 20 times a day and you now need 20 followers and have account on twitter for more than seven day here is a screen shoot of some of the rules and why you didn't receive a payment tip 


Now to be fair they are probably getting hammered on a fees so to lower the amount off tweets you can earn off a day is fair just have to be quite smart about what coin you want to earn I am trying to get small bits of eth and tron coin now they are claiming they have done nearly over 33 million transfers now to be fair . I do believe they probably have .I only use this on twitter but it is available other platforms as you can see below 



So since I did last week article I have now have a balance of $2.30 at this second but I have taken some coins out because the balance changes as through the day with the coin market here is prove of balance and what coins I have taken out not much but as I keep saying I can't afford to invest with my own cash at the moment so any extra coins I will happily take



This is a snip shot so it is only showing a few coin values problem is at the moment to take price of doing transactions of certain coins is quite expensive as even Publish0x have emailed and explained to be honest I will happily plow along with this for the time being If are interested in trying we both get a free extra 6 coins for you joining up 

I grabbed countless FREE tokens! Come with me! (Daily limit : 6 times) 


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