Over $30 of free coins earned by passing through Coinbase

By Cotswolds-Brad | Cotswolds | 22 Jul 2021

Coinbase continues to provide me an awesome source of free coins for a small amount of self learning, this time I’ve picked up another free $3 for learning about Balancer, in total I’ve now received at least $34, it could be more but I’ve lost track of them.

Literally this took me no more that 5 minutes, I could probably have guessed the answers in less than a minute but actually Balancer looks like another interesting way to continue earning.

If you are interested in joining Coinbase and earning yourself some free coin, here is my referral link:


I have to say, as I’m new to crypto, this really is an excellent way to pick up some free coin to “play with” before I invest my own finances, the only thing it cost me is a few minutes to setup an account, and a few minutes to watch the videos which will help in the crypto journey so time well spent.   Now I have the free crypto, I can use that to decide if it’s something I want to invest more in, or just leave the free coins invested and earning in the hope that one day some of those free coins might make me enough to retire on!  Dreams can come true!

Finally, as with all my posts, a photo from my collection, this time from Scotland, hopefully, if nothing else, you will enjoy looking at that and it will make reading my post worthwhile!

Isle of Skye


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Living the dream in the beautiful Cotswolds in the UK 🇬🇧.


Embarking on the crypto journey from the idyllic Cotswolds

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