On track to fetch free $60 on Coinbase.

By Cotswolds-Brad | Cotswolds | 18 Aug 2021

Free Coins 

Another free $3 has become available courtesy of Coinbase and Fetch.io, in total, I’ve now earned $41, completely free, yes you heard correct, I’ve not had to spend a single 1c, my only investment is time watching 30 very short videos and answering some straightforward questions to check I’ve paid attention.

Handy tip, opening the question before watching the video makes it far easier to know the answer!

So where does $60 come from in the title?

With staking earning me 5% Apy on Cosmos and with the recent upturn, I’ve averaged 4% increase per month, at this rate I’m hopeful to reach $60 within a year of starting this experiment in free crypto, maybe with a few extra videos and quizzes I can improve further on that.

If you are interested in picking up some free coins at Coinbase, please make use of my referral link below, of course you could just go direct to Coinbase, but a referral can offer another $10 to you and me if you invest $100, effectively a 10% bonus.


Originally my experiment was to determine if I could outperform bank interest rates for savings, it’s certainly looking good for that, thank for reading and if you take nothing else from reading this, please have fun

Finally a photo from my other hobby, feel free to guess where this is by sending a comment…

Guess where this is?

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Embarking on the crypto journey from the idyllic Cotswolds

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