Solana Airdrop by Binance $20

Solana Airdrop by Binance $20

By 10 minutes | cotidiana | 7 Apr 2020

Welcome girls and boys
Today we come with what is an AIRDROP that is giving the touch in SOLANA

Let's go quickly because this is usually a matter of speed. 


In this form we put:

* Our Email
* Binance referral ID (go to section
where is your username, your email, and where it says refers to the link simply click on generate and it will generate this Id)
* Our Telegram user with '@'
* Our Twitter user with '@'
*To register

Ok, well, now before clicking register we must complete the form with some things that we have here for which we simply place it:


1. Our Email, click stay informed, will tell you that you are subscribed, that's all.

2. We join Telegram, join the group and that's it.

3.Follow them on Twitter.


4. Quiz, we open it we go down to the bottom of the page and click start.

We put it in English and we will respond
these simple questions.

-We put our Binance referral ID, ok perfect
-We put our email, ok, after:
-We choose 59,000, ok
-We choose prehistory, ok
-We choose 0.4, ok
-We choose "all of the above", ok

Then just click send and that's it, that's all we have to do.

I hope they really give us $ 20, remember they also give us $ 2 for referral.Well, I hope that it has been useful, greetings to all.

Solana Airdrop link

Check out this Airdrop program from Solana:

10 minutes
10 minutes

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