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Marketcap Today

By 10 minutes | cotidiana | 16 Apr 2020

Good morning to everybody
let's see what is going on with bitcoin.

As I said yesterday, the 6300 approximately we already have almost almost almost in sight.


There are people who don't like that, but we said that we have to be very very attentive to the markets.

We have to look a lot at the marketcap, it is important but also the volume that it moves in the last 24 hours to know a little if it is really moving or not moving a value.

Obviously the first are Bitcoin, Ethereum, they are the kings that have a sea that is very high or rather a very high movement.


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But look Tether, although the marketcap is not that high, it has a very high movement.
XRP exactly the same but it has much less movement, that is, since we are slacking a little, and possibly Tether can eat XRP, we'll see the straw.

Litecoin also has more movement to look at in the last 24.

BNB also, on the seven-day chart it has hit a good rise today it begins to drop.


Of the rest, marketcap very similar but the volume is gazillion sometimes, we already know why "..."

The top 100 area from there up, the rest, we really have to be a lot careful to stay away from misfortune.
Enough ruin brings us the main coins when we trade them ...

Be a holder and trust a project !? Okay. We have 2 options, we hold and learn the lesson at once or if we go well then we try and here we are very clear where is the possible trading that we can do.

Sincerely I do not see it very clear right now, a lot of red in the market that's why we have to be very careful, we can make a general monitoring list in which all the currencies are, for example that is in the market and go see the change, keeping our caution and filtering .

Well, this is all for today, we are very attentive to the movements of the market, and as I always say, invest very cautiously and good luck for everyone.

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10 minutes

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