How is our friend Bitcoin today?

How is our friend Bitcoin today?

By 10 minutes | cotidiana | 27 Mar 2020

Hello friends once again here.
Without further ado, let's go to the bitcoin analysis.

We have good news for bitcoin today, well, not so good šŸ˜.
As we can see, the daily candle of yesterday closed in green, it was falling but it was more or less an indecision candle and closed above SMA 20 (yellow color), it is a good sign, it is the second candle that closes above SMA 20 .


Remember this is the daily chart, so that we see a rise in bitcoin recovering little by little through those simple moving averages ok!?

For today's candle, there are still several hours left, bitcoin is now at approximately $ 6800.
See that it has remained in that range, it was rising, dropped to almost $ 6500 and from there the price has not dropped anymore, touched it but stayed on top.

Today's candle I consider that it can be closed above the exposure of there ok!?

Then we are waiting.


If we see it in 4-hour time frame, it continues to have those simple moving averages open or that there are several green candles leaning on our blue line.
The red line that was coming down is our SMA 100 that broke it and is still above it, see also how it is using SMA 20 (yellow color) as support and it is staying there.


The 1 hour chart is more or less lateral, there are not many changes in
how much has arrived today, but to go up,
I maintain my idea that it will be achieved
its first resistance after breaking $ 6800 and go to $ 7000, it will find $ 7700 as the first resistance.
At least that what we want happen.
That's all for today, thank you, greetings to all.

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10 minutes

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