Do you want free cryptocurrencies ?

By 10 minutes | cotidiana | 16 Mar 2020

Free cryptocurrencies for beginners OR those who do not have liquidity to operate in cryptocurrencies.


If you are reading this article it is because you are really interested in earning cryptocurrencies for free.

The most common and famous way to do this is through the faucets.
The faucets are web pages that pay us fractions of coins to see their advertising and fill out a security captcha. The faucets live exclusively from advertising and every time we go to claim the satoshis they earn money with the ads, (it is recommended to use the Brave browser in this case)

In most faucets to be able to withdraw you have to accumulate a minimum of satoshis that can sometimes last months, something that really is not worth doing, but thanks to CointPot, we can join several of these faucets and grow faster in one place sure uniting all the clicks in the same account.


A free platform or microwallet created in 2017 which will allow you to receive, send and exchange cryptocurrencies in a very simple way.
In it we will receive instant micropayments from several of the best faucets that exist today:

Moon bitcoin
Moon litecoin
Moon dogecoin
Moon dash 
Moon bitcoincash
Bitcoin bonus


To register in Coinpot you only have to fill two boxes: email and password, and then confirm your account with a link that will arrive in your email.

Keep in mind that in all these faucets you must register with the same email that you used in CoinPot.

Now all you have to do is make the claims in each of the faucets, then convert all income to Dash or another currency (thus avoiding the waiting for the minimum withdrawal to accumulate) and lastly when they meet the minimum withdrawal we can withdraw it to any external wallet without charging us abusive commissions for it.

I hope this article is useful for those interested.

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